Et tu, Brute? Harley-Davidson introduces Europe to the XR 1200

Harley-Davidson, that most quintessentially American Motor Company, has gone and released a bike in Europe before releasing it in America. What is the world coming to? The XR 1200, based on the Sportster model range, is a streetbike that's inspired by the XR750 dirt track racing bikes that Harley has been campaigning so successfully -- on racetracks in America. This is the first time that Harley-Davidson has ever released a bike first in any country other than America. In fact, the bike will be available in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, starting in the Spring of '08.

Here in the States, the best selling bikes are cruisers, and the XR 1200 is a bike that's being marketed towards the sporting standard crowd -- a popular one in Europe. We like the idea of a nice, solid handling bike with the classic "sit up and beg" riding position. If there is one brand that could make a positive impact on the slow-selling standard genre in America, though, it is likely Harley-Davidson. Here's hoping that the XR 1200 does not stay a European import forever.

[Source: Harley-Davidson, Motoblog]

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