CAR samples the French built MicroCar MC1, a gas powered ZENN

To those who've been following this site for a while, the car you see above may look familiar. We have covered the Canadian built ZENN neighborhood electric vehicle on several occasions including their involvement with ultra-capacitor developer EEStor. The car pictured above is based on the same design as the ZENN but it's built in France by Groupe Bénéteau and the battery is used to power accessories and start the engine. You read that right, an engine.

The crew at CAR magazine in the UK sampled the MicroCar MC1 which is sold as a quadricycle allowing it to avoid most safety requirements. This version is available in two wheelbase lengths with two or four seats. From the wobbly steering column to the choppy ride to the "near suicidal" highway experience they came away less than impressed. Fortunately as an NEV the ZENN is limited to 25 mph in most places.

[Source: CAR]

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