EPA approves Flex-Box Smart Kit, the first certified ethanol conversion kit

The website for the Flex-Box Smart Kit hasn't been updated with the good news, but it's out there: the EPA has certified the ethanol-conversion system designed by the Chicago-based Flex Fuel U.S. for certain fleet vehicles: the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car. If you're in America, there's probably a government or taxi near you that uses one of these vehicles, and that's exactly why Flex Fuel U.S. sought certification for these vehicles. The kit allows the cars to run on E85 when available.
Similar conversion kits have been available in the past, but you needed to import them from Brazil or somewhere else and take your chances with your warranty. Phil Lampert, executive director of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, sent out a memo this week announcing the EPA's move and wrote "the compact conversion unit easily mounts in the engine compartment and continuously monitors engine and emission controls and delivers supplementary fuel injection to allow the vehicle to operate at optimal performance no matter what fuel blend is in the tank."

Flex Fuel U.S. told AutoblogGreen that they're hoping new kits for the Ford F150 and Dakota Charger will be approved soon.

[Source: Flex Fuel U.S. ]

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