UAW strike against Chrysler begins

Here we go again. CNN is showing live video of UAW workers walking off the job at Chrysler various plants across the country. Both the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News are also confirming that an agreement has not been reached and the strike has begun. We'll bring you more updates throughout the day as they happen.

The UAW strike against Chrysler involves around 49,000 people, compared to the some 73,000 union workers involved in the strike against General Motors last month.

Twenty-four Chrysler plants across the nation are involved in the strike, though according to the Detroit Free Press, one plant in Toledo is not covered by the national agreement and it's not known if those workers will join the strike.

Chrysler's famously large inventory of vehicles
could finally work in its favor during the strike. Though around 3,000 cars per day will go unbuilt at first, the automaker should be able to meet demand for its cars in the near future. Hot-selling cars like the Jeep Wrangler, however, could be affected first. Analysts are also concerned how the strike will affect the launch of the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country minivans, two very important vehicles to Chrysler's bottom line.

Well that was quick, it's over already.

UPDATE 4: Images of the strike from Getty photographer Scott Olson have been published in a gallery.

UPDATE 3: 9,000 Canadian auto workers will be affected by the strike within less than 24 hours.

Five Chrysler plants were not involved because they happen to be idled right now.

UPDATE: Automotive News reports that 31 plants and technical centers are involved in the strike, while the work stoppage will eventually shut down Canadian facilities within the first day.

[Photos: Scott Olson/Getty]

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