Forbes reports UAW/Chrysler strike is over, but it's not

UPDATE: A more
click above pic for more images from the UAW's strike against Chrysler

We're not sure how a mistake like this happens. Forbes published a report online at 1:45 PM EST claiming that "Chrysler and the United Auto Workers union have reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal," even going so far as to state that the strike ending had been confirmed by both the company and union officials. Of course, Forbes was unable to provide any details as to what the agreement contained, most likely because such an agreement doesn't exist.

Neither Automotive News, The Detroit News nor the Detroit Free Press have reported that the strike has ended. Automotive News, in fact, reported at 3:42 PM EST that negotiators have left the table for the day and not even scheduled another sit down. The Detroit Free Press, meanwhile, has already published a counter-story denying Forbes' claim that the strike is over.

We're entirely puzzled as to where this bogus Forbes report came from. Our honest guess is that it was written in case the strike actually did end quickly today and was published on Forbes' servers where it was then found by an intrepid member of the GM Inside News forums. We'll never know for sure, though.

[Source: Forbes via GM Inside News]

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