Toyota launches JDM Scion xB as Corolla Rumion

The second-generation Scion xB grew substantially in size and weight when it debuted a few months ago. The original was based on the previous-generation Toyota Yaris platform and used the 1.5L engine from that car. The new one comes with a much more powerful and less-efficient 2.4L four cylinder. Toyota has just launched a version of this same car in the Japanese domestic market as the Corolla Rumion.
The Rumion gets a choice of smaller 1.5L and 1.8L engines along with the possibility of all-wheel drive. Unlike the US market xB, which is stuck with the option of five-speed manual or four-speed automatic, the Rumion gets a CVT or seven speed sequential semi-automatic. The 1.5L version is rated at 38.1 mpg on the Japanese test cycle while five-speed xB only gets 22/28 mpg from the EPA. Even the 1.8L front wheel drive model manages 36.2 mpg. If Toyota is really serious about environmental credibility, why aren't they offering something similar in the US market? Clearly the performance wouldn't be as good but it would sure go a long way toward demonstrating what US car buyers actually want. More details on the Rumion are available in the Toyota press release after the jump.

[Source: Toyota]

Tokyo - TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today the nationwide launch in Japan of the "Corolla Rumion", a new compact hatchback.

The Corolla Rumion, designed under the theme of "Relax in Style", maintains the basic performance for which the Corolla name is known, while adopting a new appeal that resonates with drivers who value individuality and youthfulness.

The Corolla Rumion features simple, box-like styling that expresses familiarity and composure while creating a unique presence. A new compact vehicle with a roomy interior that envelops passengers in comfort, the Corolla Rumion offers a relaxing, smooth and pleasant ride to all occupants. Designed for individualized use, it is suitable for a wide variety of lifestyles.

The boxy silhouette formed from vertical and horizontal lines and unique yet simple interior and exterior designs emphasizes individuality. The roomy interior, designed for numerous applications, has a high beltline to create a feeling of being surrounded by comfort. In addition, the 1.5-liter and 1.8-liter engines and rigid body provide outstanding cruising performance and environmental and safety performance at the top levels of its class.*

* Compared to vehicles of similar engine displacement

Monthly Sales Targets in Japan: 3,500 units

Assembly Plant:
Iwate Plant, Kanto Auto Works, Ltd.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Prices in Hokkaido and Okinawa differ; unit: yen)
Engine Transmission Powertrain Grade Price1(including
consumption tax)
(1.5 liter) Super CVT-i2 Front-engine,
front-wheel drive X 1,680,000
G 1,780,000
Aero Tourer 1,910,000
(1.8 liter) Front-engine,
front-wheel drive S 1,950,000
Aero Tourer 2,100,000
Four-wheel drive S 2,160,000
Aero Tourer 2,310,000
1. Prices listed do not include recycling fees.
2. Super Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent

Vehicle Outline

Simple Yet Individualistic Boxy Styling

* Development of the Corolla Rumion was based on the Toyota brand design philosophy "Vibrant Clarity." The compact overall length and the boxy silhouette that emphasizes the vertical and horizontal lines provide a roomy interior and create simple yet unique styling that immediately stands out, even at a distance, and is suitable for a variety of situations.
* The front emphasizes a sporty presence with a front mask that features a large lower grille.
* The side evokes an image of stable cruising with wheel fender flares at the four corners of a squarish body.
* The rear features a wide-opening hatch door with straight lines and a deeply sculpted bumper with reflectors on both sides to create accents amid simplicity.
* Door mirrors with turning signals for enhanced visibility are standard on all vehicles in the series.
* The 1.8-liter "S Aero Tourer" and 1.5-liter "G Aero Tourer" have front and rear spoilers, side mudguards and a rear roof spoiler to emphasize the sporty low center of gravity and wide feel.

Relaxing and Roomy Interior Envelops Passengers in Comfort

* The expansive width and side windows create a boxy silhouette that combines a degree of roominess at the top levels of its class and an interior space that can be used for a variety of applications with a high beltline that delivers an enveloping feeling of comfort.
* The nine-speakers, including a subwoofer, accompanied by a blue LED ceiling light, create a relaxing interior space.
* The instrument panel pursues both functionality and sophistication with a unique and imaginative design featuring four round gauges arranged according to use in one of three horizontal panel layers.
* Operational controls are near the driver's hands and the air conditioning control panel is angled slightly toward the driver's side of the cabin to enhance operability.
* The use of a glossy black and silver on the center console and gear shift panel conveys a sense of quality.
* A versatile seat arrangement and ample storage spaces increase ease of use. The rear seats (with reclining function) have backrests that fold in a 60/40 split and also have a seat cushion tip-up function to expose a storage space below the seats (excluding the "X" grade). The two front seatbacks can be lowered, allowing people to stretch their legs and relax in the rear seats, when the car is parked.
* The Smart Entry & Start System uses a key that does not need to be removed from the driver's pocket to lock and unlock the doors, as well as a push button for starting the engine.

Superior Cruising Performance

* The 1.5-liter VVT-i engine and 1.8-liter Dual VVT-I (Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent) engine boast excellent performance, high fuel efficiency and outstanding environmental performance.
* Super CVT-i (Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent) contributes to both improved fuel-efficiency and a smooth driving experience.
* Rigid body construction ensures steering responsiveness and quiet operation.
* A new suspension system design gives the vehicle brisk handling and cruising stability as well as a comfortable ride.
* The 1.8-liter models have a seven-speed Sports Sequential Shiftmatic transmission that allows the driver to enjoy a manual-transmission-like sensation. A paddle shift-type shift lever is additionally adopted for the 1.8-liter "S Tourer".
* Four-wheel-drive models employ an active torque control system that contributes to driving stability regardless of road conditions.

Class-leading Environmental and Safety Performance

* Efforts were made to improve fuel efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions. The 1.5-liter, front-wheel-drive models boast a fuel efficiency of 16.2km/l in the 10-15 test cycle outlined by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) with CO2 emissions under the test cycle just 143g/km, achieving fuel efficiency that exceeds by 20% the level called for by the Japanese 2010 standards*. The 1.8-liter, front-wheel-drive models and four-wheel drive models have fuel efficiency of 15.4km/l and 14.4km/l respectively, with CO2 emissions 151g/km and 161g/km, 10% greater than the 2010 standards. Both NOx (nitrogen oxides) and NMHC (non-methane hydrocarbons) have also been reduced, meaning all vehicles have emissions levels 75% lower than the 2005 standards under the MLIT's Approval System for Low-emission Vehicles and qualify for incentives under the Japanese government's Green Taxation System.
* Toyota employed Eco-VAS (Eco-Vehicle Assessment System)-its original comprehensive environmental impact assessment system-to efficiently achieve overall reduction of environmental impact throughout the vehicle's entire lifecycle. Environmental targets were set in the initial vehicle development stage and a life cycle assessment was carried out to achieve a reduction of air contaminants and CO2, etc., throughout all stages of the vehicle's life from production and use to disposal.
* A review of the materials, processing methods and adhesives used for interior parts resulted in a reduction in the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) used, thereby also reducing the unpleasant odors emitted from such compounds and achieving the Japanese automobile industry's voluntary goals.
* An Eco Driving Indicator lights up when the vehicle is efficiently driven to raise the driver's awareness of environmentally considerate driving.
* The new vehicle adopts an advanced GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) collision-safety body, further developed to meet even stricter conditions by incorporating the concept of omni-directional compatibility. Through the use of a body that effectively absorbs collision impact by diffusing it throughout its structure, Toyota satisfied all independent targets for survival space and occupant injury.
* Improvements in the body structure further reduce the likelihood of pedestrian head injuries in an effort to achieve one of the highest levels of injury prevention in this vehicle class.
* The SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) side airbag for the driver and front passenger and SRS curtain shield airbags that cover the front and rear seats are standard on all vehicles in the series.
* The front-seat structures are based on the WIL (Whiplash Injury Lessening) concept and come with extra-strong seat frames and even greater backrest give. They were designed based on analyses using THUMS (Total Human Model for Safety) and incorporate a structural design that reduces stress on the neck during low-speed rear impact.

*Specified by the Japanese Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy

Welcabs: Specially equipped vehicles with factory-installed features for disabled people

* Welcab Rotating and Sliding Passenger Seat models (Type A and Type B) have a seat that slides down outside the vehicle to facilitate boarding and exiting. The Type B model is also fitted with a wheelchair loading device.

Welcab Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Prices in Hokkaido and Okinawa differ; unit: yen)
Model Type Engine Transmission Powertrain Grade Price*(including
consumption tax)
Welcab Rotating and
Sliding Passenger
Seat models (Type A) 1NZ-FE
(1.5 liter) Super CVT-i Front-engine,
front-wheel drive X 1,753,000
G 1,853,000
(1.8 liter) S 2,023,000
Four-wheel drive 2,233,000
Welcab Rotating and
Sliding Passenger
Seat models (Type B) 1NZ-FE
(1.5 liter) Front-engine,
front-wheel drive X 1,740,000
G 1,835,000
(1.8 liter) S 1,997,000
Four-wheel drive 2,197,000
*Prices listed do not include recycling fees. Type B is not subject to consumption tax.

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