The Truth About Cars judges the Scion XB. Verdict: Guilty!

I have read some scathing reviews from The Truth About Cars before, but I think I just may have read one that takes the cake. I mean, I'm talkin' Guinness Book of World Records "Worst Review Ever" territory here. The review I am referring to is that of the new Scion XB. Let's just put it this way: they hated it. I had a chance to see the vehicle in person at the Chicago Auto Show, and while I liked the last XB, I decided to reserve judgment on this one until I could get a feel for it in real life. The things that I liked about the old one seemed diminished in the redesign, like the fuel mileage and clever use of space. Well, if TTAC's review of the new XB is anything to go by, I guess my reservations were dead on. But, I won't take their word for it, and neither should you. I am going to go and take a look-see myself. I have a feeling that the new XD might just make more sense as the true replacement for the old XB, which appears to have been "American-ized" in its latest incarnation.

So, will we be losing one of the bright spots of fuel efficiency for the consumer that needs more space than something like the Smart Fourtwo? Like I said, I will have to check it out myself. If you like the old one, better get shopping now and try to find one left. Or, check out the XD, which, like I mentioned earlier, may be the true spiritual successor the the good old "box on wheels".


[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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