Is Porsche more sustainable than other carmakers?

A lot of what we write about here at ABG involves the amount of energy that cars consume while operating and how much they emit. However a big part of the total energy consumed during a cars lifetime comes during the manufacturing process and, to a lesser degree, during end of life. Obviously from a vehicle operating efficiency standpoint, Porsche ranks near the bottom of the barrel. In the past year they have even implied that they might pull out Europe if new CO2 emissions limits were enacted. But if you consider the energy that it takes to build cars spread over the life of the car, the picture changes a bit.

Apparently some sixty percent of all the Porsches ever built over the past sixty years are still in use. If you peruse any listings of sports cars for sale you will find plenty of Porsches from the '50s, '60s and '70s available. While this may well be true for classic 356s and 911s, in the future the picture may well change as it seems unlikely that enthusiasts will have much demand for 30-40 year old Cayennes. For the moment, at least, chalk one up for Porsche.

[Source: Noisy Decent Graphics, via Winding Road]

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