If the European Union goes ahead with the proposed limits on CO2 emissions, Porsche will consider taking legal action against the EU. Porsche wants European regulators to establish CO2 limits based on different different vehicle segments. Since Porsche only makes high-performance vehicles, none of which come anywhere near the proposed 130 g/km limit, they would have to completely gut their lineup.

Porsche spokesman Albrecht Bamler told AFP that if the EU proceeds with their plans, they would go to the European commission and then to court based on fair trade laws. Currently Porsche's fleet average is 289 g/km and even the Cayenne hybrid will barely crack 200 g/km. Porsche long ago ruled out using diesel engines and unless they drastically reduce both the weight and power of their vehicles or follow Tesla's path with battery power, they may have to follow through on a previous threat to move their operations out of Europe.

[Source: ChannelNewsAsia]

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