Don't put them out to pasture quite yet; aging hybrids doing well

We know that the all-electric Toyota RAV4 EV is one of the cars that has gone up in value over the years. Mark Phelan, a Detroit Free Press columnist, noted this week that early hybrid vehicles, especially the Honda Insight, are also still doing well among their happy owners and are selling well enough in the aftermarket. Consumer Reports magazine raves about the Insight and the early Priuses, even though some of these first-generation hybrids have had battery problems. The automakers are, for the most part, taking good care of the early adopters who bought the first hybrids. And J.D. Power and Associates says that their three-year durability survey found hybrids have about 10 percent fewer problems than purely gasoline-engine cars. More long-term studies of aging hybrids will be coming later this year, Phelan writes, but the overall picture is that hybrids are doing well, both on the road and out of the garages.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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