I was surprised to be pointed by a friend of mine to this video, which comes from the Spanish version of Breakfast TV, so it's perfect if you want to practice your Spanish. An Iranian engineer named Foroohar Aghili living in Costa del Sol (SE of Spain), designed this car, able to run up to 60 km/h (about 40 mph) and looks like a go-kart.

As Mr. Aghili says, the car is powered by five means of energy. First of all, solar energy, although he admits that his car can't compete with other solar vehicles from Australia or the US. Then he mentions "terrain energy", which is basically going downhill, "wind energy", "brake energy" and, finally, "energy from the grid," because it can be recharged at a normal outlet. The combination of the five sources of energy is what he patented.

Nevertheless, Mr. Aghili not only designs cars but collaborates with the Universidad de Málaga and Engineers Without Frontiers, providing technology to poorer countries (so he gets good propaganda). He also states that he isn't, by any means, a competitor of current ICE vehicles, because his vehicle is "a complete different concept of thinking," which is neither provided by the public nor the private sector.

Interestingly, the conductor says that this car was the most beautiful ecological car she had ever seen [sic].

[Source: YouTube]

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