Pontiac planning Solstice Targa?

According to what are being described as "well placed sources," General Motors is planning to introduce a Targa version of the Pontiac Solstice in the first half of 2009. Known internally as the GMX627, the Solstice Targa would sport two removable roof sections that will somehow be stored within that diminutive trunk.

The Targa is rumored to begin production in January of 2009 at GM's Wilmington plant, with about 10,000 units being built annually. The debut would likely happen at either the 2008 SEMA show or soon afterwards at the Los Angeles show that same year, and it will likely coincide with the redesign of both the Solstice and Saturn Sky.

And what about the Solstice Coupe? Reportedly a hardtop Solstice is still being planned. A convertible, targa and coupe model would certainly flesh out the Solstice line nicely and make the RWD hot rod more appealing to a wider audience.

[Source: Left Lane News]

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