Mystery supercar may be all-new Lotus codenamed "Project Eagle"

In today's episode of Fast Lane Daily (watch it after the jump), host Ji Young Min reveals that the mystery car spotted last week by CAR magazine is believed on good authority to be an all-new Lotus model codenamed "Project Eagle". The new mid-engine sports car is expected to slot in between the Elise and whatever car arrives to replace the much missed Esprit. The car's design will reportedly be similar to the M250 Concept that Lotus debuted in Frankfurt all the way back in 1999, while it's power will unsurprisingly come from a Toyota-sourced motor. The "Project Eagle" is meant by Lotus to play predator to the Porsche 911 Carerra's prey. If produced, it should break cover sometime next year and may be sold in the U.S. around 2009. Lotus would limit production to just 2,000 units a year, however, making this eagle an endangered species.

Watch today's episode of Fast Lane Daily after the jump to hear this scoop in their own words.

[Source: Fast Lane Daily]

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