General Motors joins Toyota and jumps into the Friedman fray

In the past New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has made his disdain for the US Domestic auto industry clearly known and the other day the pro-globalization writer fired off a salvo at Toyota for their current stance on new fuel economy regulations. Toyota's Irv Miller was quick to return fire last night and now General Motors has joined the fire fight as well. Tom Wilkinson has "penned" a response on the company's FYI blog reiterating many of the same points as Miller and rebutting Friedman's simplistic notions. The consistent problem with much of Friedman's writing is that he tends to spout easy-to-digest but nutrition-free ideas.
The continuing ignorance of the fact that high fuel taxes and the resulting end-user cost are a major part of the reason for greater efficiency overseas is pointed out again by Wilkinson. As a columnist, Friedman has every right to his own opinion and has the right to express it. However if a writer can't recognize that just because the world may be flat it doesn't mean it's level then his credibility is severely damaged.

[Source: GM FYI Blog]

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