Nissan developing "Slip Hazard" warning system

Carmakers like Volvo and Mercedes-Benz are usually the pioneers of vehicle safety in this industry, but lately more and more companies are developing their own safety innovations and gadgets. Nissan's new safety technologies include a pop-up engine hood for the Skyline and now it has announced the development of a "slip-hazard warning system," which it's prepping for commercial use. The new system can detect slippery road conditions and alert the driver depending on how severe it is using "real-time voice alerts".
The set-up works by relaying information from the antilock brakes through Nissan's Intelligent Transport System, a new feature that links the vehicle with third-party traffic data gathered from other motorists and local police as well as "historical records of the slippery points".

Initial testing is being conducted in the northern parts of Japan where it's common for roads to get covered in ice. This seems like one case of technology giving drivers an extra edge in safety without nannying them with useless safety gadgets.

[Source: Edmunds]

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