Tokyo Preview: Mazda's swoopy Taiki concept features revised rotary engine

Since we've already shared the news with you that Mazda is going to be showing a second-generation Renesis rotary engine at the Tokyo Motor Show, dubbed the Renesis 2, why not show you the wrapper that will be surrounding that engine? Take a gander at the Mazda Taiki concept. This car, along with the Renesis 2 and the hybrid hydrogen/electric RX8 that the company will also be showing, make up what Mazda is referring to as "Sustainable Zoom Zoom" and will be their tagline for the event. The Taiki concept takes some cues from both Mazda's current design language as well as that expressed in their Nagare design theme. Notice the peaked fenders that Mazda features on cars such as the MX5 and RX8. The sculptured sheetmetal, though, is pure Nagare. Differing from both those designs is the rear-end of the car as well as the glass canopy over the interior. Take a look at this shot which shows off the crazy posterior in all its over-the-top glory.

Something is telling me not to expect to see this car on real roads any time soon... you?

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[Source: Mazda via Autoblog]

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