Renault Twingo Nokia special edition answers the call

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Renault has hopped on the co-branding band wagon and partnered with cell-phone maker Nokia on the new Twingo Nokia special edition. The car's three main features include a nice array of music connectivity options through an audio connection box in the glove compartment that accepts USB, a 3.5 mm cable and a DIN connector for iPods. The tunes are sent to an MP3-compatible 140w radio/CD player that can be controlled via steering wheel-mounted controls. Secondly, the Twingo Nokia special edition has bluetooth connectivity, which you'll need for its third special feature, a Nokia 6110 Navigator phone with GPS, 3G and a microSD slot. While there's no nav system embedded in the dash, the 6110 comes with a suction cup to secure it to the windshield, and its navigation features are similar to standard in-dash nav systems. The 6110, however, allows you to take the device out on foot, meaning you won't get lost after you park the car.

The car itself features a dark metallic look with tinted windows and what Renault calls a Nokia tech-themed central pillar. The B-pillar is decorated with faux circuitry that leads to a Nokia-branded badge at its center. It's like the mark of a super nerd who proudly advertises his convergent devices to an unsuspecting public.

[Source: Renault]



Twingo Nokia comes as standard with three advanced in-car entertainment and communication systems, addressing customers with a new-tech leaning:

-Music player: The MP3-compatible 140 W radio and CD player with audio connexion box has four loudspeakers with two tweeters, for excellent sound reproduction. The audio connection box in the glove compartment has three auxiliary inputs: USB,

3.5 mm jack and DIN connector (for iPod). For optimum ergonomics and safety, steering-wheel controls adjust the volume and navigate through the MP3 functions on the Nokia 6110 Navigator phone, connected via a USB cable (supplied).

-Navigation system: The Nokia 6110 Navigator phone provides full GPS navigation capabilities, with the Nokia Navigator voice and visual guidance application, accessible directly from the special Navigator key. Road maps and street plans are pre-loaded in phone's MicroSD card. This navigation solution includes thousands of locations of interest, and users can download pay services such as speed-trap location, traffic information and weather forecasts. The GPS function on Nokia 6110 Navigator can also be used outside the car, to find a location in the city centre after parking the car, for example.

-Hands-free Bluetooth phone control: The hands-free phone control is compatible with the Nokia 6110 Navigator phone and most Bluetooth phones on the market. It displays the phone's contacts list directly on the dashboard. The call is transferred to the car's loudspeakers for optimum acoustics, with the radio switching off automatically during incoming and outgoing calls. Phone controls are mounted on the steering wheel.

Distinctive dynamic design

Twingo Nokia has its own distinctive identity, with a special exterior design. It is based on the Dynamique version of New Twingo and features special Dark Metal trims and tinted rear windows as standard, plus a special Nokia tech-themed central pillar d├ęcor.

New Nokia 6110 Navigator phone included

Twingo Nokia comes with the new Nokia 6110 Navigator phone, a 3G multimedia unit complete with suction pad holder, USB cable for connecting to the audio connection box, microSD 512Mb card with country map, battery charger, battery and stereo headset. It weighs 123 grams and boasts the following main features: -Music player: MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+, WMA and stereo FM radio -Rear camera (1600x1200 pixels) and front camera (320x240 pixels, for webcam) both video-capable -Memory extendable to 2Gb (microSD card) for storing navigation maps and MP3 music files -Full GPS navigation solution with Nokia Navigator application for visual and voice guidance -Country road map and street plans pre-loaded on microSD card -Navigator key for instant access to GPS navigation -HSDPA up to 3.6 Mbps for broadband internet and fast downloads -3G multimedia: videotelephony, and rapid download of games, music, videos and ringtones

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