Aznom tunes the Fiat 500

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So far the aristocratic tuners at Castagna have given us MINI pickups, a psycho-retro rebodied Corvette Z06 codenamed Aznom, and, uh, this thing they call the Gran Tourer Sport. For their next trick, they tackle the Fiat 500. Surprisingly, for a car that looks like it's about to go collect pollen, we don't mind it. The car's just so bloody cute, it Aznom gets away with it.

There are three versions: Amabile, Intrigante, and Seducente. They are loaded up with Alcantara throughout, as well as the most fascinatingly patterned wood. No word on whether the purse comes with one of them. There are also Aznom badges and stitching throughout, which was previously the name of a Castagna car, and now appears to be an entire brand.

Follow the jump for the press release -- make sure you have a glass of Chianti and Puccini in the background for that first paragraph -- and be sure to check out the hi-res images.

[Source: 4 Wheels Blog]

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A vanguard design, precious materials and new technologies, pleasure without ostentation, being and not appearing" this is the philosophy that guides the realization of the whole Aznom production. Aznom is born in the pulsing heart of the Italian economy, the Brianza, region of craftsmen, full of high-quality companies, world-wide well known, the better place to create and produce exclusive objects of the Aznom world, with the collaboration of selected partners.

The new Fiat 500 by Aznom features the ultimate luxury materials. The Alcantara leather covers all the interior while the luxury wood gives a stylish look to the car. Aznom offers the car in three versions called: Amabile, Intrigante and Seducente. For all these versions you have to wait between 1 and 1 and a half month.

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