Geneva Auto Show Wrapup: Castagna tenders crossed-up MINIs

The MINI's appeal to customizers continues know no boundaries. Witness Milanese coachbuilders Carrozzeria Castagna-- the reborn design firm responsible for the Imperial Landaulet concept we showed you last month. Among their other Geneva Motor Show concepts, Castagna introduced the 'Crossup' (seen above) which boasts an adjustable suspension, an all-important 'Vodka-Cigar' minifridge/humidor, and of course... a little added junk in its trunk.

Castagna also unveiled its nautically-themed Tender-- a Cabrio-based MINI reworked extensively, doing away with the doors and rear hatch assembly altogether. Extended by 70 cm, the Tender also boasts teak flooring, shower (yes, really), a 2000-watt stereo with water-resistant speakers, auxiliary lighting, and hoseout-friendly neoprene seating.


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