Citron may offer the option not having a paint job

There were lots of flashy cars at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. Citroën C-Cactus concept was not the prettiest but it was well thought out with ideas that may soon go into production. The designer of the C-Cactus, Gilles Vidal, says "we wanted to look at the whole environmental question from dust to dust. We quickly realised we wanted a lighter car. There's a virtuous [sic] circle where you add some new technology, and before you know it you need bigger brakes to stop the heavier car, and weight just balloons. The C-Cactus is an attempt to get away from that."

Hypermilers will love the efforts to reduce weight in the C-Cactus like getting rid of the dashboard. We think the lack of a dashboard is a little too radical but the lack of a paint job on the side doors has potential. Conceivably, there are silver, gray, metallic, etc. paint jobs Citroën offers. What's the point if the car is already that color? We have never seen a car have the option of no paint job and think it might catch on like hard wood floors for homes. A Citroën spokesperson says it's possible that feature will be used on future production cars.

[Source: Auto Express News, Car Magazine]

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