Nice CD player, Grandpa: Blaupunkt unveils SD card-based car stereo

Blaupunkt USA GM Lutz Marschall said "For more and more people, compact discs have become obsolete." For those of you who think "CD" stands for civil defense or Christian Dior, Blaupunkt has your stereo. The Melbourne SD27 dispenses with the digital disc, replacing it with an SD card slot and a glut of options for hooking up other digital musical delights.

In addition to the prehistoric AM/FM tuner with 25 presets, the SD27 comes with a 3.5-mm AUX input and hooks up to optional USB, Bluetooth, and iPod adapters. The display can handle 127 music directories and displays 30 characters of an ID3 tag. But wait, there's more: a TEL/NAVI input for cell phone integration and navigation systems. If it runs on 1's and 0's, but isn't a compact disc, there's a place for it on the Melbourne.

Power is 4 x 45 watts, with obligatory 4-channel pre-outs for the amps you know you can't live without. All yours for the low, low price of $160.

[Source: Engadget]

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