PARK(ing) day reports with pictures: 50 cities around the world

As we mentioned, Friday was Park(ing) Day, a part-prank, part-environmental and social awareness day. Started two years ago in San Francisco when activists discovered that putting money in a parking meter gave a person the right to do any legal activity there, Park(ing) this year saw events in fifty cities around the globe, most in the U.S.

I have to agree with some of our commentors on the original post that the overall CO2 effect of stunts like Park(ing) Day is almost assuredly negative, but I still like the idea of transforming a dull city parking space into someone's living room or a pool (see pictures after the jump). Life is quite short, as they say, and sometimes you've gotta make your point in non-traditional ways.

[Source: Yahoo! news, Flickr]

Find more Park(ing) Day photos on Flickr by clicking here.

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