FYI: Today is PARK(ing) Day

What started out in the wacky left-coast in the U.S. of A. appears to be going international. Today is PARK(ing) day! If you miss out this year, maybe you should mark you calendar for next year. I was not familiar with this particular movement myself, so for the rest of the uninitiated, here is their mission:

To rethink the way streets are used, call attention to the need for urban parks, and improve the quality of urban human least until the meter runs out!

Basically, the premise of this movement is to convert an urban metered parking spot into a very small (10' X 20') public park. You can do this following the directions on their site, which can be found here. If you are seriously considering setting up your very own urban park, remember that you are on your own. You can get plans from REBAR, The Trust for Public Land and Public Architecture, but they are not liable for your actions and neither are we. Up next: the movable human-powered "Parkcycle". Click past the break for a picture!

[Source: PARK(ing) Day via Treehugger]

Just how cool is this!

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