Volt battery may be shaped like accordion

David Pogue did a great segment on CBS Sunday Morning all about electric cars recently which included an interview with GM vice chairman Bob Lutz. David has a larger chunk of the interview with Bob Lutz in his e-newsletter. In the interview, Bob mentions the "batteries may or may not have exactly that shape" as the ones shown in the cutaway. Bob says "one of suppliers is even looking at doing them in little foil bags, like those airline toilettes. Except you'd accordion the whole batch of them." David then jokes "and they're not as useful in wiping your face." Bob adds "No, you would not want to wipe your face. Although lithium... you know, if you're bipolar, you can eat your battery."

Bob also says "at various stages of the program, we are going to bring in members of the media. I'm hoping that as early as spring of '08, we will have the first rough prototypes running, which will permit members of the media to drive 30 or 40 miles purely on batteries and listen to the internal combustion engine kick in." Bob is also critical of CAFE in the interview saying saying numbers like 35 MPG are "crazy." On the release date, Bob says "It'll either be late '10 or early '11, but we're still holding everybody's feet to the fire for 2010." The car will also look like the Volt, which is designed to be different from any GM car which Bob says is the "secret of the Prius."

There are funny parts to the interview as well. I especially like the joke about free Volts for reporters and David's joke about Toyota's floating car. David Pogue and Bob Lutz should do a comedy routine together with accordions.

[Source: New York Times]

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