Rust stickers thwart stupid thieves from stealing your car

There's nothing more eye-catching to a thief than a new car or bike. Your brand new pride and joy is just asking to be stolen, especially if you leave it parked on the street. That's why designer Dominic Wilcox made stickers to fool stupid thieves into thinking your wheels aren't worth stealing.

Despite the fact they look quite convincing in the photos. Wilcox doesn't offer any guarantees his stickers will actually work. He does say, however, that he placed them on his bike and it hasn't been stolen yet. What more evidence do you need?

Part of the appeal of owning a new car is showing it off, which you clearly can't do with these stickers applied. However, if that means you get to keep the aforementioned item from being stolen while parked in unseemly parts of town, it's all good.

[Source: Dominic Wilcox via MoCo Loco]

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