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It went viral by accident, if you believe the guy behind the camera.


Someone created a website to advertise a non-existent electric vehicle from Chevy, the Jolt. It's a publicity stunt, and also a pretty good fake.


Remember that Ferrari 250 GTO that we reported on last week, supposedly listed on mobile.de for $64 million? Well, don't go putting down your deposit just yet, because it might be a fake.

Ashlee Baracy didn't stop, and kept driving until she got to her office

Someone impersonating a police officer tried to pull over Detroit traffic reporter Ashlee Baracy in the early hours of the morning.


A New York City Police Department officer has been fired for a ticket-writing scheme after 17 years on the force. According to The New York Post, Paul Pizzuto wrote summonses to drivers he'd ticketed in the past, some of whom had been deceased for years by the time the citations arrived in the mail. Pizzuto says he started writing the fake tickets after command told him he needed to start writing more on top of the 125 to 150 he was already issuing. Colleagues raised concerns when they realized

Superconductors are nothing new. Lowering the temperature of certain materials to extremes such that zero electrical resistivity follows, and the result: levitation. It's a neat trick that you learn in any basic college physics course, but some feel superconductors could have major applications outside of the classroom or lab--like powering a hovercraft, for example. Below is a video that claims to show just that.

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Top Gear talks Bugatti speeding ticket – click above to watch video after the jump

Neenah, Wisconsin has such a speeding problem that it can't keep up. Even with a full court press of law enforcement, drivers continue to speed and have even sped by other motorists receiving their obligatory revenue-production invoice. In an effort to keep drivers on their toes while also leaving time to fight real crimes, the Neenah PD will post cardboard cutouts that look like an officer pointing a radar gun in strategic locations. Like something out of Weekend At Bernie's, the paper tigers w

There's nothing more eye-catching to a thief than a new car or bike. Your brand new pride and joy is just asking to be stolen, especially if you leave it parked on the street. That's why designer Dominic Wilcox made stickers to fool stupid thieves into thinking your wheels aren't worth stealing.

We're surprised that this gag can be retailed without disclaimers. CarPool Kenny is an inflatable head and torso that is marketed on the premise that you can cruise the carpool lane in passengerless peace, your inflatable pal offering impunity. People have tried this, and many have had their ruse detected. When you do eventually get hooked by the long arm of the law, it's going cost a lot more than this $20 useless hunk of plastic. Think hundreds.

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A few Autoblog readers have sent us a link to this video news report about fake Ferraris being produced in China. The European Union is starting to get really miffed about the influx of counterfeit items, like Ferraris, and is considering upping the punishment for offenders to four years in prison and a 300,000 Euro fine. That's about $378,000, enough to buy yourself a real Ferrari.