Piaggio will bring Gilera Fuoco 500 to America as the MP3-500 and MP3-400

Well, well, well... it appears as if the rumor about the Piaggio MP3 getting a larger engine for the U.S. market might just be a reality. In fact, it's even better than even the die-hard scooter fanatics could have hoped for. Not only is the MP3 getting the long-rumored 400cc engine here in the States, we are also getting an MP3-500! The 500cc equipped machine will differ from the other MP3's though. The Gilera Fuoco 500ie, which is a brand not sold at all in America, is being brought over almost exactly as-is, except with another badge on its flanks.

As a refresher, the Piaggio MP3 is a leaning three-wheeled scooter which is currently available for sale. Currently a 250cc engine powers the scooter and the 400cc version should be in showrooms soon. Rumor has it that the MP3 500 should go for around $10,000. That is pretty expensive, but as Steve from The Scooter Scoop says: hotness has a price!

The last piece of good scooter news is that the new Vespa S might come stateside as well. I know some people have been waiting for that announcement too!

[Source: The Scooter Scoop]

UPDATE: cc numbers corrected.

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