One mysterious home movie maker created a video that Volkswagen didn't like, and the German automaker isn't stopping at having the video pulled from YouTube. The home movie in question puts a Nazi spin on a recent VW Golf commercial, and VW has issued a subpoena in hopes of finding out the identity of the maker of the spoof. YouTube is fighting the subpoena with everything it has in an effort to protect its user base from future attacks, but in the end the courts will decide whether or not VW's copyright was infringed upon. Since YouTube is profiting from these videos, it seems like they're exposed to countless lawsuits, but VW is going after the video's creator.

While this lawsuit is certainly a big deal, the bigger picture is that social networking sites are under attack, even though creators aren't cashing in on their work. We can see why VW is interested in having removed any video that links it to the Nazis (unless it's a documentary), it's hard to imagine the lawyers from Wolfsburg have much legal ground to stand on. Then again, we're not lawyers, and crazier things have happened in a court of law.

[Source: Wired]

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