Here's a video about Loremo's upcoming plans for the production of it's vehicle. It's in German (and, well, my knowledge of Goethe's language has seen better days) but more or less the video affirms that it could be on the streets in two years time.

The spokesman says that the light design (which leaves the car under 600 kg) allows a smaller powertrain to be installed. Whereas the model will be sold with a diesel engine able to use only 2 liters of diesel per 100 km (that's 117 mpg), with a range of 450 km (300 miles) the spokesman of the company affirms that it's natural that the vehicle could be powered with an electric motor, provided that they have good batteries. He's speaking about a range of about 200 km (130 miles) which could be useful for weekly commutes or for small trips.

The Loremo not only weights so very little, but also has a drag coeficient of 0.19 Cx. Follow us after the jump for another video of the car running.

[Source: YouTube]

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