First Loremo working prototype to be officially unveiled in Frankfurt

Do you remember the Loremo? It was a project for a car that with sporty looks could deliver a diesel consumption of 2 liters every 100 km - that is 117 mpg. Not bad! Well, the first road-ready prototype will be introduced at the Frankfurt Motorshow in September and although some of the specifications of the car won't be the same as the production model, this model will be very close to it. The current fuel mileage figures were obtained with computer simulation, so the working prototype will really have to prove that expectations are up to reality.

Loremo is expecting to participate at the California X-Prize-Foundation for cars able to run more than 100 miles on a gallon of fuel. The money would be very welcome to continue development because the Loremo team is saying that the model is almost ready for a production of 10,000 vehicles per year (a requisite of the prize).
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