Official Alfa Romeo Junior sketches surface

Germany's Auto Motor und Sport has unearthed sketches and renderings of the upcoming Alfa Junior. Yet another car they get over there, that we wish we could have over here. Automakers usually counter hatch lust with the party line that they're not popular in America, so we'll see what Alfa puts on the US bound boats.
Based on the Fiat Grande Punto's platform, the Junior will launch in 2008. The tightly-wrapped hatch bodywork will cover power units ranging from 95 to 230 horsepower, with all wheel drive also making an appearance on the option list. There's a tinge of Gremlin in the C-Pillar, in a very stylish manner that only the Italians (and maybe the French) could get away with. Since they're targeting the 18-30 year old buyer, look for the style to remain high while Alfa attempts to hold the price down to about $16,000. Should the Junior closehaul its way westward across the Atlantic, we'll have another stylish and affordable car to mix it up with the MINI.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport]

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