CarChip E/X: a great gadget to teach green driving

CarChip E/X by Davis is a device that logs how you are driving. The CarChip E/X can even be set to beep if you break too fast, speed or accelerate too fast. Changing these behaviors are the top three things a driver can do to increase fuel efficiency without changing the car. The CarChip EX attaches to the OBD (On Board Data) port which is present on most cars made since 1996. From the video review below the fold and the segment I saw on the HGTV show, I Want That, it looks like a very quick and easy install. It can store up to 300 hours of driving data and downloads that data to your computer via a USB port.

Along with recording speed, Car Chip can log 4 of 23 possible engine parameters every 5 to 60 seconds. These engine parameters include RPM, Battery Voltage, Throttle Position, Timing Advance, Engine Load, Coolant Temperature, Fuel Pressure, Air Flow Rate, Fuel System Status, Intake Air Temperature, Short-term Fuel Trim, Intake Manifold Pressure, Long-term Fuel Trim and Oxygen Sensor Output Voltage. You can see how this could be useful for fleet managers, parents with teen drivers, green drivers and gadget freaks. Prices vary from $70 to $200.

[Source: I Want That]

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