Chinese carmaker dedicates its F50 to the ladies

Chinese carmaker Shanghai Maple, isn't the first car company to try marketing directly to women, but it claims to be the first in China with its Maple F50.

From Maple's website, the F50 is "designed in a refining and humanization style," and "possesses the flamboyant and shining shape with soften cuneiform front." Sounds, uh, lovely. But then, the Autoblog team is all guys at the moment, so maybe a car that promises "a delicate life with high quality and happiness" wasn't meant to appeal to us.

Other than a "mellow great griller with the glittering and translucent headlamps," the female-specific options aren't too dissimilar from what most cars here in the States already have. There is a coin box, sun visor mirrors, and an optional built-in child seat. However, the Maple can be equipped with a shoebox, clothes rack and, and a tissue box in the glovebox, which we actually think is pretty cool. One F50 extra you won't find optional on a U.S. car is the driver's airbag.

Colors available are Tiramisu Yellow, Jade White, Liquid-gold Green, African-mum Yellow and Ice-mountain Blue.

And while there is no way this F50 could ever be confused with the one from Italy, just what is Shanghai Maple trying to imply with that Ferrari hat in the F50's trunk?

Enjoy a gallery of photos of the Shanghai Maple F50 here.

[Source: Shanghai Maple via China Car Time]

F50 is the first car special for female in China. It is designed in a refining and humanization style.

F50 possesses the flamboyant and shining shape with soften cuneiform front. The mellow great griller with the glittering and translucent headlamps makes the vehicle charming and attractive. It is just for the ladies who want to live a delicate life with high quality and happiness.

There are 7 colors of F50 for the users to choose: yellow, red, pink, green, orange, blue and white. Each color has its respective style and the ladies could have more choice as they like. F50 is equipped with a lot of special devices to provide the users much more convenience, such as the tissue box, coin box, dressing mirror, shoebox, clothes rack and quick equipped child seat for option.
According to the feature of the female, F50 is equipped with over speed alarm, adjustable safety belts, airbag for option and ABS+EBS. The user could also have the compass for option to guarantee the driving direction. All of the devices will ensure the safety of the driver and passenger in all-round way.

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