GM plans 'suicide-style' rear doors for future models

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For those unfamiliar with the suicide-style rear door, it's basically a car door with the hinges located closer to the rear of the car, usually on the C-pillar. The design isn't new, but it recently had a renaissance with cars like the Mazda RX-8 and Rolls-Royce Phantom adopting the unique style.

The rear opening doors will soon be featured on some General Motors products, as revealed by its Vice Chairman Bob Lutz on his blog. GM recently previewed its design, dubbed FlexDoor, on its new Opel Flextreme at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. Engineers were able to do-away with the center B-pillar, which means opening both doors on a single side of the car leaves one giant opening the size of two doors. This was important because designers learned from focus groups that people, especially those who use child-seats, wanted easier access to the rear compartment.

The Flextreme itself is only a concept and Lutz was coy about when we might see them on a production car, so we suggest you don't hold your breath.

[GM Fastlane Blog via The GM Source]

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