Waikato University works on improving the electric car

When it really comes down to it, what is the "holy grail" of electric cars? Battery power? That is extremely important to be sure, but an equally convincing argument could be made that light weight is the most important factor. Whatever your aim is when it comes to improving the design of the electric car, having a modular chassis design would allow for many different parameters to be checked and changed. That is what students and researchers at Waikato University have been designing, and they have a chassis which can support up to 290 kilograms of lithium batteries allowing for up to 400 kilometers of travel. Next, they are interested in starting a new prototype "using lightweight materials developed by the university's Kim Pickering, which get their high strength from natural fibres." As of right now, the team plans to compete in the World Solar Challenge, racing from Darwin to Adelaide, but not against the solar cars competing there. This competition is going on alongside that race. Best of luck to the team!

[Source: Stuff]

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