issues request for investment proposals from EV companies has $10 M they want to invest in your for-profit company. That is, if you have a great idea to advance sustainable transport. already gave a million to not-for-profits and launched the RechargeIT initiative. Now, wants to put some money into something that can make some money. plans to invest as little as $500,000 per company so 20 companies may win investment. The request goes out to any company in the world "whose innovative approach, team and technologies will enable widespread commercialization of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles and/or vehicle-to-grid solutions." They are looking for early state technology ventures and green car product or service companies. Sounds like you? They only want 5 pages describing the product, staff, plans, etc. Deadline is October 22, 2007. Read the official request for investment proposals for more details.

Good luck.

[Source: Google's official blog via Hybrid Car Review]

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