Frankfurt 2007: Will the real Subaru Justy please stand up?

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Though the GX3 Justy has been on sale in Europe for a while, the mini-ute is not what comes to mind when we we've got Justy on the brain. Our memory arrives at the old four-wheel-drive hatchbacks sold in the U.S. that can still be seen puttering around our roadways on occasion. Subaru unveiled a proper four-door Justy hatchback at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week that will go on sale immediately following the show. Available in either "sporty" 1.0S or the more practical 1.0E trim, the new Justy's 1.0L three-cylinder engine producing an uninspiring 68 HP. Unlike most Subaru's, this one's available in front-wheel drive, and a 5-speed manual is the only transmission choice. The only difference we could see between the black 1.0S and silver 1.0E on display were the alloy wheels on the sporty version. The new Justy comes to Subaru thanks to a partnership with Daihatsu who's supplying the car for European consumption.

Check out the official press release from Subaru after the jump and our live shots in the gallery below.

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