SEAT announces green Ibiza Ecomotive

The Spanish marque Seat, which belongs to the VAG group, has announced a line of greener vehicles, just the same way Volkswagen has its BlueMotion. Similiar lines were already announced for Audi and Skoda.

The subcompact Ibiza (named after the famous Mediterranean island) Ecomotive has installed the same engine as the Polo BlueMotion, a 1.4 TDI good for 80 HP which has a fuel consumption of only 3.8 liters / 100km (62 mpg), down from the 4.6 liters the standard version uses. CO2 emissions are lowered to 99 grams per km. Torque is maintained at 195 Nm (143 lb-ft).

The Ibiza Ecomotive has also a new emission system with Diesel Particullate Filter (DPF) as standard. Seat affirms that 0.3 percent of diesel fumes contain toxic gases such as CO, unburnt hydrocarbons, SOx, NOx and particullates which will be better filtered with this DPF. The DPF is maintenance-free, because the central management system of the vehicle calculates when the filter is full and burns away the particullates.

The gearbox has longer 3rd to 5th gears to improve gas mileage and, as we have seen in other models, aerodynamic tweaks have been added to the model to decrease drag (from 0.315 to 0.3), such as lowering the body, using special Dunlop tires and reducing the vehicle weight.

[Source: SEAT]

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