GM: Hummer is the anti-Christ trying to plunge us into the abyss

Dashing hopes Don Esmond will ever collect his $100, Toyota's research and development chief Kazuo Okamoto told Reuters "while we'd love to be first, we're determined to be best" when it comes to hybrids. As we wrote about recently, Irv Miller of U.S. group vice president for communications wrote the Volt's batteries "don't exist." These statements are fine but the bread and butter source for great quotes is still GM's vice chairman Bob Lutz. Are you ready for this one?
"People have a very simplistic way of organizing things: Toyota, because of the Prius, are saving the planet from certain destruction, whereas General Motors, which produces the [Hummer] H2, is the anti-Christ that's trying to plunge us into the abyss."

"It's totally ridiculous. ... The only way we can get out of that is by being more environmental and leading with more environmental technology than Toyota," Lutz added. Wait a minute... did Lutz just call us stupid?

[Source: Bloomberg]

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