The FlyBo electric Smart clone lands in Saginaw, MI

For those that can't wait until next January to pick up a Smart ForTwo, Great Lakes Auto Sales of Saginaw, MI will have an option in the next couple of weeks. Unlike the official Smart which only manages to get mileage in the low 40s, the FlyBo plugs in to a regular electrical outlet. The FlyBo has a claimed range of seventy miles and maxes out at 25 mph.

Like the original, the Chinese copy has rear wheel drive and dealer Dave LaTarte recommends that owners not drive it in the snow. However, with that limited top speed, winter handling is not likely to be a problem. The FlyBo is classed as a neighborhood electric vehicle and is only legal on city streets with limits up to 25 mph. Fortunately the maximum speed means that if the crash resistance of this thing is typical of Chinese cars, the damage shouldn't be too bad. It's not known how SmartUSA or Daimler feels about this car, but it's safe to assume they won't be thrilled.

[Source: Saginaw News]

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