There will be no stopping the Chinese-built Smart clone

Automotive News Europe (subs req'd) is reporting that there is very little that will stop the upcoming sales of a Smart 'clone' in Europe. Even though Martin Motors, the European importer of the Noble, a Chinese-built car, has been threatened with lawsuits, Martin is saying the cars will go on sale at the end of October or early November for between seven and nine thousand euros. The Smart car company is part of Mercedes-Benz.

The CEO of Martin Motors, Guido Martinelli, explained to Automotive News Europe that Mercedes' legal threats are not a big deal. "After a preliminary hearing between our lawyers and those from our German distrubtor, we see no evidence in Mercedes claims. We plan to show the Noble at the IAA in Frankfurt," he said.

IAA organizers may prevent the Noble from making an appearance "if the model infringed intellectual property rights," Automotive News Europe writes. Look at the pictures above. You think it qualifies?

[Source: Luca Ciferri and James Franey / Automotive News Europe]

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