One man's idea of the ideal form of transportation

Regular readers of our site are probably aware that I am personally a fan of two-wheeled travel. In a previous post about the upcoming hybrid scooters from Piaggio and their Vespa brand, I suggested that a leaning three-wheeler like the MP3 would be great if it were completely battery powered, or even used a hybrid system, had a removable or stowable canvas roof and a windshield with wipers. BMW made a two-wheeled scooter with a standard engine which had the roof and windshield covered. Safety tests showed great improvements in their design.

I guess that I'm not the only person out there who dreams of their perfect scooter design. Massimo Barcella has shared his own thoughts on the subject, and, like me, he favors a covered scooter with three wheels. Take a look at his ideas and read over his (translated from Italian) notes on what he would like to see. His concept vehicle is branded as a Fiat... I'd prefer to stick with a scooter manufacturer like Piaggio or Vespa myself.


[Source: Massimo Barcella / Cyberscooter]

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