How very meta: Toyota employs a guy that reads blogs, and we blog about it

During an interview with Brandweek, Bruce Ertmann revealed himself as Toyota's (get this) "corporate manager of consumer-generated media." That's right, he's paid to read through forums, websites and blogs -- including yours truly. Plus, it's likely he's reading your comments.
Ertmann's position was formed to keep track of consumer opinion online, and considering the fact that more and more buyers consult the web before making purchasing decisions, it's probably a smart move. The interview reveals how Ertmann spends his time, how blogs were used during the Tundra launch, which particular sites he reads, and some of the issues he's encountered while embarking into the web's wild west.

You can read the interview here and check out his own blog here. But you know where to come back to when you're done.

[Source: Brandweek]

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