Friday Humor: Save gas by telecommuting; send a robot to work in your place!

I am SO jealous of this guy, Ivan Bowman. First of all, he gets to work from home. Second of all, he sends a robot to work, so his coworkers don't miss his presence. How cool is that? I don't really have any desire to be a computer programmer though. I've done a little in the past and it's not really my bag, baby... so to speak. But, perhaps I'd do it again if I got to send robo-Jeremy to work. The robot is known as IvanAnywhere, which is a play on words of sorts - the company that Ivan works for is iAnywhere Solutions. The story says that the coworkers forget that they are staring at an LCD screen attached to a coat-rack after a little while. Sometimes, I think that this would be better than working with my actual co-workers - blogging buddies excepted, of course! More details can be found here.

[Source: Make via Engadget]

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