Audi RS6 unfit for US consumption

And now, we bring you the sad cap to the whirlwind 24-hour saga that has been the official announcement of Audi's sublimely monstrous RS6 ahead of its physical debut in Frankfurt. The Car Connection reports that like so many appealing cars offered to happy drivers in markets outside the US, the Audi RS6 is staying home. Apparently, a US version was never considered. As such, we're left to look longingly at photos and a very inviting spec sheet.
Late-night emergency diaper runs will have to be made with something less potent, and the satisfaction of dusting off that guy next to you in a Porsche 911 will be left to others for whom English is probably a second language. We don't get to hear what the V10's already-intoxicating noise sounds like with the addition of a couple of turbos. No, the car that would supplant its S8 cousin as perhaps the ultimate sleeper will remain an ocean away. More ghost ship than Q-ship, RS6 will be the stuff of legend that few of us ever get to experience firsthand. What a shame.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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