Wal-Mart's Thermal King diesel-hybrid trucks are biodiesel-ready

Ready for an almost impossible-to-understand story about Wal-Mart's latest truck greening? Check this out. Thankfully, with a little Google help, we can find a press release about this topic and learn that "Thermo King's Spectrum SB with the SmartReefer2 controller" is a cooling truck that is slowly replacing Wal-Mart's standard refrigerated trailers to make Wal-Mart's distribution fleet a little bit greener.
Thermo King and Wal-Mart have been working together for a few years and the Spectrum "multi-temperature trailer reefer unit and the TriPac Hybrid Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System" is their latest product. The trucks are approved to use biodiesel (percentage unstated), have anti-idling capabilities and the Spectrum SB's TK486V engine meets EPA Tier 4 emission requirements. Wal-Mart is looking at using electric power for their trucks when stopped because California may move to require plugging in at loading docks, the release says.

[Source: eTrucker, Thermo King]

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