Dealers sell out Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

If a company is going to have a problem, this is the kind of problem it wants to have -- even though it's still... a problem. Mitsubishi expected the mid-level Lancer ES to account for the bulk of Stateside sales. Buyers, though, are all about the $18,115 Lancer GTS, making them 60% of sales. The GTS rides above the ES with bigger wheels and brakes and a sport suspension, as well as body mods that make it look faster, if nothing else.

Total Lancer sales through July of this year were 20,816, which included the last of the previous generation. After launching sales of the new Lancer in the US, it is also now being sold in Russia and Japan. In response to the demand for the GTS model, Mitsubishi has actually canceled 1,700 orders for the GTS placed by US dealers. The only option left for dealers until the end of November: order an ES and get a GTS later, which doesn't seem like much of an option for dealers or buyers.

[Source: Auto News, Sub Req'd]

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