Video of 140 mph joyride gets driver a slow ride to jail

We understand a lot of strange urges, especially when it comes to cars. What we don't understand is the urge to do something illegal, commit it to video, and then upload that video to one of the world's most famous broadcast mediums.

A teenage mechanic in England took his dad's MR2 for a high speed run on the M65 and, recording the event for posterity on his cell phone, got to an indicated 140 mph. An off-duty police officer watched him thread traffic and use the shoulder for his run, and got his license plate number but didn't follow and arrest. A week later, the officer was told about a YouTube video, and it turned out to be the teen in question on that very drive. Campbell told the court that he didn't upload the video, but he sent it to a friend who did. The court did give him a small break, shaving 20 MPH off his offense, and charged him for driving 120 instead of 140. For his friend's efforts, Campbell gets to spend a stint in the brig while he contemplates his next feature film.

Thanks for the tip, EricDJ!

[Source: This London]

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