Hybrid = luxury car with the lowest operating cost

Forbes compiled a list of luxury cars with the lowest operating costs. The Lexus hybrid, RX 400h, came in first with a 5-year estimated operating cost of just $12,091. The car costs $41,895 which is much higher than many cars on the list, including the operating costs. Anyone find it odd they are compiling a list of cost savings on a luxury car? If you are a buying a luxury car, do you really care about operating cost?

Forbes also had a list of the most expensive cars to drive. The winner there is the $108,275 Mercedes G55, which has an estimated 5-year operating cost of $26,544. The calculations includes fuel along with repair and maintenance. The biggest factor in the calculation is fuel though. The article makes special mention of BMW which have free scheduled maintenance and higher resale values.

[Source: Forbes via Hybrid Car Review]

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