Is this the peak for Germany's biodiesel industry?

What does the German Environment Ministry think about Germany's biodiesel industry? Let's just say they understand the problem. As spokesperson Tobias Dunow told Renewable Energy Access, "We would like to see the second generation biofuels developed as soon as possible."
The problem for Germany is that with 5 million tons of biodiesel able to be produced there this year, demand just isn't there. Industry sources told Jane Burgermeister, contributing writer at REA, that only about half that 5-million ton capacity will be used this year. Of course, biodiesel can be (and has been) blended with standard petrodiesel, but when biodiesel is sold on the open market, taxes are taking a bite out of sales, according to Burgermeister. German biodiesel producers will have to find other markets to sell to and also find a way to pay for increased feedstock prices.

[Source: Renewable Energy Access]

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